Hello, I'm Bekah

Hello, I’m Bekah

A seasoned designer with a decade of experience, specialising in translating complex concepts into compelling visual narratives. My expertise spans across Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Logos, Brand Strategy, Product Design, Presentation Design & UX/UI Design.

I take a concept-led approach, focusing on the strategic integration of design principles to achieve business objectives and enhance engagement.
My work with both small businesses and as a representative for agencies involved in larger client accounts across various sectors underscores my versatility and capability to adapt design solutions to meet diverse needs. 

As I enter my tenth year in the creative sector, my commitment to excellence, innovation, and strategic design continues to drive my professional journey​​.

Logo & Branding

Creative designs with a passion for play, thoughtful experimentation, and strategic precision.


Unique design solutions that fuse creativity, inspired innovation, and meticulous detail.

UX/UI & Web

Engaging digital experiences crafted with user-centric design, seamless functionality, and strategic insight.

About my Studio

Studio Sudo specializes in crafting bespoke visual identities that resonate deeply. By combining branding, design, and strategic insight, we turn concepts into compelling narratives. Every detail is meticulously crafted and strategically sound.

As long as it’s ambitious, we’re in.

Projects Include:BP Education Service, Cauldron, Comvita, Equinor, Holiday Extras, Hyundai, Jet2.com and Jet2holidays, Meadowhall, Natures Menu, NatWest & RBS, Pizza Express, Samsung, Sky, Southern Water, Stonegate Group, Tesco, The 1-1 Diet, TOMY & Yorkshire Water

Current project

Pricing Platform for Creative Freelancers

I’m building an innovative pricing platform that is designed to empower creative freelancers by providing them with comprehensive and data-driven tools for pricing their projects accurately and sustainably.

My mission:

To empower creative freelancers with a holistic and data-driven approach to pricing their work, ensuring profitability while staying competitive.

Early brand concept

Why I’m building this:

I am creating this pricing platform to address a critical gap in the freelance market—accurate, data-driven pricing for creative freelancers. Despite the increasing trend of freelancing and the gig economy, many creative freelancers struggle to price their services competitively while ensuring profitability.

My platform aims to empower freelancers by providing a holistic approach to pricing that considers personal and business expenses, market data, and individual expertise.

With my extensive experience in the design industry, I understand the challenges freelancers face when it comes to pricing their work. By combining my design expertise with data-driven insights, I seek to create a tool that not only helps freelancers cover their costs but also allows them to sustain their livelihoods and grow their businesses. 

Currently on the lookout for copywriters or word wizards for naming selection.

Drop me a line to find out more.